Launched in Jul 2018, A16 (RBF approved), A20 are new design with many improvements:


- Made from Stainless steel, more durable, nice finish.

- With fuel feeding door in front, easier to use.

- New pot holder, suitable with both flat and round bottom pots.

- Improved heat insulation, suitable to cook on wooden floor.

R20 stove:


Improved version, replacement for R18 stove.

Key features:

  • To use with long wood, no cutting required.
  • With improved ash tray, good heat resistant, suitable to cook on wooden floor.
  • Saving ~ 30% fuel vs iron bar.

F11 (ver 2018, RBF qualified):

Improved version, replacement for F11 stove version 2016.


Key Improvements:

- Triple walls, stronger build.

- Improved fan system.

- Natural ventilation on outer wall, reduce outside heat.

 New generation of BBQ stoves BBQ20 and BBQ 40:


Key features:

- Fan optional, the stove have both door for natural ventilation and optional forced fan.

- Our customized fan can use both 220v AC power or can use Mobile phone Power bank with USB cable (supplied with fan), god for out boor, picnic.

- Using fan: only needed for fast fire up. 

T14: Mini Stove  (Qualified for RBF program)


Size: H 30cm, W 18cmx18cm

Material: Inox or Galvanized steel


T14- Galvamized steel                      T14 Inox